This Baby Was Suddenly In A Good Mood When She Heard A KATY PERRY Song!

When a baby starts to cry, we think of three things: 1) He/she's hungry, 2) He/she's sleepy, or 3) He/she wants you to change his/her diaper. But that's not the case for this cute little sunshine here. 

In a video posted by YouTube user Eva Baker, the baby starts to throw her tantrums but when she heard pop star Katy Perry's song "Dark Horse," her tears suddenly turned into a big smile and that adorable "awe-mazing" expression!

Watch her reaction upon hearing Katy's hit song by clicking the video below!

Now that's how you stop a baby from crying!

This video has also caught Katy Perry's attention and she even shared the video to her 55 million Twitter followers! Take a look at her tweet below:

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