TAYLOR SWIFT Gave A Fan $90 To Buy Chipotle For Her Birthday

Photo from Taylor Swift's Instagram

You may have thought the pinnacle of Taylor Swift's recent charity work was yesterday's video of her singing with a 6-year-old cancer patient in a Boston hospital. But you'd be wrong. 

The Red songstress was spotted strolling through Central Park in New York on Thursday afternoon with a reporter from a magazine. 

It's pretty much safe to assume that Swifty was stopped by almost everyone during her walk and, like every celeb, she stopped for a couple photos before going on her way. When a fan in a rowboat approached her and began paddling toward her. At which point Taylor instructed her bodyguards to sink the boat, right?? Or at least fled the park on foot, covering her face with her hands and shrieking, “No pictures, no pictures!”?? Wrong. She and her bodyguards helped steady the boat while the young fan climbed out of it and onto dry land to take a picture. 

In a further delightful coincidence, it was one of the girl's birthdays! Now T-Swift didn't have a guitar with her to strum out a quick "Happy Birthday," and you know she felt just awful about that. But she did have $90 of which she gave to the birthday girl to make her Chipotle lunch treat extra special.

Check out the photo of the lucky girl below!

That's definitely a birthday outing she'll NEVER forget! How could you?! Feel free to leave your comments below!