Here's What Went Down At The UP Underground Music Community's "TULA, KANTA, KAPE"!

A charming young woman sweetly whispering lines to a mic. The sight of steam rising from a cup of brewed coffee to the sound of rain. Music all around. That’s enough to make most of us go weak in the knees and wax poetic. It’s what happened to most, if not all the people who went to Tula, Kanta, Kape last 26 July. 

It’s a regular event hosted the UP Underground Music Community, also known by the initials U.G., that has taken place on various places around the UP campus such as the Vargas Museum and the Ishmael Bernal Gallery. 

This time around, it was at the UP Town Center, at its biggest yet, with lights hanging from the tent roof and an newly-unveiled TKK sign in lights. The extended summer hadn’t ended yet and the rain had already come around, but that didn’t stop any of the people who had come to watch the performers play. 

There was even a full band set-up this time around for the variety of performers who played, from solo acts such as the singer-songwriters Bullet Dumas and Kai Honasan to the full ensembles of The Sun Manager and Ang Bandang Shirley. U.G. also had DJ the DJ skills of its own members and applications with DJ sets from The After-School Special, Ink Eyes, and Aly + Aki. 

The writers Marc Escalona Gaba, Joel M. Toledo, Christian Tablazon, Chad de Guzman, and Juan Miguel Rivera Severo also performed their works in front of the crowd, whose conversations halted as they were captivated by their poetry. 

It was a celebration of the local music and literary scene at its finest, by the same org who brought the Roots Music and Arts Festival to the UP Fair for two years now, and it’s a sign that things are just getting bigger and bigger.

Were you there at the event? Feel free to share your thoughts below!