Chicosci breathes a new sound in latest single "Breathe Again"

Known for their intense live performances, Chicosci now takes on a different beat with their latest single ôBreathe Again".

ôItÆs a back-to-basics, no-frills trackö, describes guitarist Mong Alcaraz. ôItÆs a more mature song, both musically and lyrically compared to the others weÆve written. I think Miggy has outdone himself in writing the words to this song,ö he adds. Vocalist Miggy Chavez explains, ôWeÆve taken out so much æfatÆ in this song. WeÆve been so used to a more complicated songwriting style that we opted to challenge ourselves to lessen the 'excess' and just keep parts that really help solidify the song.ö

The end result has become quite an early favorite amongst fans, too. Since its release, ôBreathe Againö has steadily gained airplay and progressively hits music charts all over the country - already topping radio countdowns in the Philippines. Chicosci has also recently released its music video, directed by Bernard Dacanay with whom the boys previously worked with in ôA Promiseö and ôDiamond Shotgun (Lock & Load).ö

Much like the ballad itself, the video features the band in its most basic formùperfectly complemented only by lights, shadows, and playful cinematography. ôWe just wanted to come up with a simple video that won't overshadow the song. We want the song to be the highlightùnot the visuals. We did manage to put in a little surprise for the viewers, though,ö guitarist Ariel Lumanlan shares.

The surprise in the video, of course, is one of the countryÆs hottest young starsùAnne Curtis. As drummer Macoy Estacio puts it, ôWeÆre lucky to have been able to work with such a beautiful and talented actress. She definitely made the video more eye-catching and interesting.ö

ôBreathe Againö is currently airing on MYX. To vote, key in MYXVOTEBREATHE AGAIN and send to 2366.

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