Watch ED SHEERAN's "Don't" Music Video

Ed Sheeran premiered the music video for "Don’t” today, August 4, on YouTube. Ed tells you the story of a girlfriend who cheated on him (allegedly, Ellie Goulding) , and wants you to dance to his music. 

The clip follows a skinhead man breakdancing through three homes in Los Angeles as we follow his journey from rags to riches. Sheeran makes a small cameo in the video as a passerby in a car, watching the man dance his way through the streets. 

Though the clip is impressive with all that dancing, it has a distinct disconnect to the lyrics.

"Don't f--k with my love," Sheeran sings in the chorus. "That heart is so cold/ All over my home/ I don't wanna/ Don't f--k with my love/ I told her she knows/ Take aim and reload/ I don't wanna know that babe."

Be part of the Youtube comment community, where fans are attempting to decode the video’s meaning! Is it all a metaphor? 

Anyway, the guy is a fancy dancer and the song is catchy, so check out the video below.

From YouTube User Ed Sheeran

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