What To Expect From KEAN CIPRIANO & EUNICE JORGE's Upcoming Music Video

Two of local rock scene's most notable vocalists, Callalily’s Kean Cipriano and Gracenote’s Eunice Jorge, join together for a special album “Happy Together: A Trip Down Memory Lane.” 

Kean and Eunice lend their distinct voices and add their own flavor to some of our of favorite classics, giving ten memorable songs an updated touch that's a bit more appealing for our generation today. If you are fond of a good revamp, then you'll definitely love this. There’s just something about reinterpreting songs – when done right – that make them stand out among everything, making them worthy to be in everyone's music collection. New renditions are like a little thrill or a burst of excitement, like the feeling you get when you venture to do something out of the ordinary.

Kean and Eunice will be releasing a music video really soon! It's safe to say that the two are trying to take their music career in a much different direction. And just to make that transition a little easier on you, here are 5 things you can expect to see out of their upcoming video:

1. What will it sound like?
Due to massive popularity, critical bona fides and more massive popularity, James Taylor, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton gave us amazing tracks that has probably long been forgotten. But Kean and Eunice's "Happy Together" is the tip of an ice berg. There’s definitely a whole pool of songs to swim in. And if you've already heard their rendition for "Happy Together," you'd know by now that they were able to do justice to the songs. Considering that the two came from the rock scene, their music does sound fundamentally different but the great thing is, they were able to add their own touch to the tracks. 

Listen to their "Happy Together" below!

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2. 3-in-1
It's a music trilogy. Their giving their fans a three-course meal as it features three of their new songs, it's definitely a treat! There's nothing better than a music video with a story line. It always seemed that they become a complement to the songs and perhaps introduce a song in a whole new way, rather than just the typical music video featuring the singer just singing the song with a few dancers around them. 

3. It's a blast from the past
If you are old enough to remember what music videos were like back in the 60's, then somewhere in the far recesses of your mind--sandwiched between memories of music and film--you once knew that retro music videos are some of the most fun videos anyone can put out. They were able to show a fun new setting while seeing how far they can take the concept with a new take on the music. It's made for your folks as well, people!

4. Not the usual Kean and Eunice
Better get ready to part ways with the rockstar side of the two because they have undergone a complete transformation and they look absolutely adorable! Just wait till you see their new looks - dainty, fresh and cute!

5. Love, Love, Love
You know we saved the best for last: As to the business of singing love songs—stirring away from the cheesy or obvious— Kean and Eunice have done a great job on this one. Cupid has you in his sights, people. Not only with that special someone, but with the music and story and just about every single element there is in this collaboration. Expect to sniff along to the all-time classics (yes, you can tell Mom that Rod Stewart is in there) and feel a smile spread across your face when you listen to the tracks and think of your own number one sweetie—whether they know it yet or not. Bring on the love songs!

Watch the video below as they talk more about their upcoming music video. 

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