R5's RIKER And ROCKY Talk About Their Latest Music Video & EP

R5... outlaws?! What do a jewelry heist, a scary henchman and a sketchy girlfriend have in common? They all appear in R5's new video for ‘Heart Made Up on You’

Following the release of their debut album “Louder” in 2013, American pop-rock band R5 just started making new music for their fans. The band confirmed that the song “Heart Made Up On You” is the lead single taken from their third extended play, with the same title.

Recently, the band dropped their brand spankin', fresh-out-the-box new music video for the said track and d'ya know what? It's totally unexpected and it's a really cool theme to go along with their awesome music. The gritty crime setup fits perfectly with the message of ‘Heart Made Up on You.’ The band got into some trouble as the video, which is more like a crime thriller, shows the band getting mixed up with some not-so-nice characters. As the jewelry theft unwinds, R5 plays their catchy single. The lyrics describe a very complex relationship with someone who’s no good. 

“My mind says, no you’re no good for me / You’re no good but my heart’s made up on you,” the band sings.

MYXPh caught up with the five some through a phone interview, we asked them to give us some info on the track, music video and their EP! 

Watch the music video below!

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