Pop / Reggae Band MAGIC! Asks You: "How Do You Want To Be Remembered?"

Photo from MAGIC!'s Twitter account.

Pop / reggae band MAGIC! is making waves in the music scene with their hit, catchy songs "Rude" and "Don't Kill The Magic." 

Known for their pop, reggae and soul flavor, the band has released their album "Don't Kill The Magic" that contains 11 tracks, which according to front man Nasri Atweh in a previous MYXclusive interview, a lot of it is about his lovelife and other fun stuff.

One track that we want to share with you today is something that caught our ears with its beautiful message. We've heard a lot of love songs, breakup anthems and all that. But this one will make you sit back, take a deep breath, close your eyes and think: how do you want to be remembered?

Listen to this track by MAGIC! titled "How Do You Want To Be Remembered" and be inspired with its lyrics:

This song is a reminder that whatever we do and whatever we decide on at present will eventually shape our future. Either a sinner or a saint, a hero or a villain, we all want to be remembered in some ways.

There's nothing wrong with thinking about these kind of things. In fact, this can be some sort of inspiration for everyone to always be at their very best every day of their lives.

So now we're asking you: how do you want to be remembered?

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