CHITO MIRANDA & NERI NAIG Look Happily In Love In Pre-Nup Photos

Photo from Nice Print Photography's Instagram

Pinwheels, kissing in the rain, the great outdoors - all of these smack the storybook charm that and were captured in the most beautiful way. 

Parokya ni Edgar vocalist Chito Miranda publicly shared his beautiful wedding proposal to Neri Naig last May and everyone just wants to know the details of the big day. And although the two aren't spilling any other info yet, as the wedding bells near, the happy couple showcased just how much they love each other by proudly sharing their pre-nup photos for their upcoming wedding through their Instagram accounts.

The lovebirds look absolutely adorable with the pre-nup's atmosphere of relaxation, simplicity, and rustic charm. Bride-to-be Neri dons the whole country girl peg, with her daisy boots and cute outfits, one wouldn't fail to notice that sheer happiness radiates through all their pre-nup snaps with fiance Chito, is in his usual rocker self, looks equally gleeful and carefree in his own right. The photos just have a cute mix of candid moments, quirky antics and frolicking around that reflect the whole laid-back and back to nature vibe that's all about sincerity. 

Scroll through the photos below to see a couple of outtakes from their pre-nup photoshoot! 

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