PARAMORE Pays Tribute To Robin Williams

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Earlier this past week, Paramore performed in Denver, a city they’ve been playing for the last decade. Hayley Williams took advantage of a quiet part in the set, and took a moment to deliver a touching speech that touches on the subject of the depression and release. 

In her moving monologue, Hayley talked a lot about sadness and fear, she spoke of overwhelming depression and the way out of a dark period. She began by recalling the first time Paramore played in the Colorado capital, running out of breath during their performance of "Whoa" and laying on the stage for the rest of the track. The singer's life has had a lot of super high highs, and a lot of super low lows, and she made sure to express her sentiments to their audience. 

"There was a point right before we released the new record, actually when we were writing it, that this song sort of spilled out of us, and I realized how sad we'd been. And how we'd been in this place where we weren't content, and we weren't fulfilled anymore. It was very scary. It was actually very depressing. And then this song happened, and sort of a light came on, and it was amazing how much I realized I'm apart of something. We, the three of us, are apart of something."

"I want you to know before you leave here tonight, that you, being here tonight, listening to any of your favorite bands, writing songs yourself, writing poems, reading books, any of that. You're apart of something. And it goes on way longer than any of us will ever be alive. You're part of something. Please know that."

And at the end of the speech, she dedicated the song "Last Hope" to the late actor Robin Williams, who committed suicide on Monday.

Watch her moving speech and the live version of "Last Hope" below.

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  • tabibimbap

    posted 3 years ago

    Shouldn't it be "a part of" not "apart of"?