Blind 10-Year-Old Boy Shows Off Incredible Guitar Skills

This little boy decided to focus on his strengths and not dwell on his weaknesses.

While most kids his age haven't even heard of B.B. King, Felix De St-Hilaire's nailed his rendition of "Everyday I Have The Blues."

Félix, who is born blind, belted out his performance while hanging out in pajamas at at his summer camp last week. The camp is run by the Quebec Foundation for the Blind, and the group's Sarah Rouleau says music has given Félix a rare outlet. Not only did played a wicked B.B. King, but he also taught himself how to play the guitar all by himself and learned English just for the songs. Felix got his first guitar at 6-years-old and has been playing exceptionally well for years now. 

Watch the musical prodigy's performance of "Everyday I Got The Blues" below!

From YouTube User fondationaveuglesqc

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