Here's How To Pass Through A Horror House Like TAYLOR SWIFT!

Photo from Taylor Swift's Instagram account.

We know it's still August and we're two and a half months away from Halloween, but today, we want to give you some tips on how to pass through a horror house like Taylor Swift because horror houses aren't just for Halloween, right?

Everyone knows that T-Swift is bad at these types of scary things. TV host Ellen Degeneres once pranked her in the bathroom that made Taylor fall down hard to the floor on her knees!

While browsing videos on the internet, we found this 2-year old video of Taylor from her guesting on "Ellen" and thought of sharing it to everyone. So if you're scared of these things like passing through a horror house, take a look at how Taylor did it and it might help you overcome your fears!

1. Before entering the horror house, wait until the music becomes a little less scary.

2. Always be in your fighting stance

3. Say "stop doing that!" Who knows, maybe they will stop scaring you ;)

4. Hurry up and make your way out as fast as you can

5. Repeatedly say "Stop it." Again, they just might stop scaring you

In case you're wondering what really happened during Taylor's trip to the horror house, click the video below:

So yeah, that's how you pass through a horror house – the Taylor Swift way :)

Just in case you missed it, Taylor dropped a big announcement to her Swifties earlier today! Her new album "1989" will be available this coming October!

Aside from that, she also unveiled her music video for her brand new single "Shake It Off" where she showed off her awkward yet very adorable dance moves! Check it out below!

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  • Jm Calaramo

    posted 3 years ago

    Shake it off !! Woohoo!! 1989
    Taylor Swift rock !!

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    let's start voting guys. First single #1.

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    vote for her new music video...Shake It Off-Taylor Swift....#SWIFTIES #THEQUEENISBACK

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    Taylor Swift is so beautiful!!! I really really like her.. I love U Taylor..woohoo! wish I could see you in person..hahaha