COMEDY MANILA Will Revolutionize Your Comedy Experience


Philippine comedies are considered as one of the best in the world. But with people ceaselessly arguing what is “legitimately funny” — aka “smart” — over what is simply “dumb” masquerading as funny, there is a group of Filipino comedians that's about to change the landscape of comedy in the country.

On Friday, August 15, 2014 on what seemed like a typical school day at the Ateneo de Manila University, Comedy Manila — a group of brilliant comedians with stand-up styles which, for a variety of reasons, are rarely seen by the general public, made the Irwin Theater erupt in laughter.

From tackling the absurdities about the social media to taboo truths about Filipino politics, these guys showcased their innovative, intelligent, and brilliantly funny jokes.

First to hit the stage was Eri  Neeman who cranked up the energy inside the theater with his "tips" on how you can get a girl.

Don't be fooled by his seemingly serious exterior, ABS-CBN Clown in a Million finalist James Caraan delivered a ton of jokes that slaked everyone's thirst for relatable comedy.

Victor Anastacio aka "Budget" Kiefer Ravena got the audience exhausted in laughter with his puns about ADMU's rivals and with his life story of being a comedian in a family of doctors and lawyers.  

GB Labrador has a unique timing and quirkiness that meshes well with whatever you would categorize his stage act as. His socially relevant jokes would make you think again about the issues that he talked about.

Conyo jokes are a crowd favorite. So when Ryan Puno started cracking his satires about the uber rich, the entire theater bursted out in laughter with matching shrieks among the audience.

There probably isn't a more honest comedian on the today's stand-up circuit. Introduced as a heavyweight, “both figuratively and literally,” Red Ollero managed to poke fun at himself because of his weight and he also mixed-in sound effects and goofy voices, both contributed to his likable stage persona. 

You'd know someone is a true comedian when he walks on the stage, promptly and smugly taunt the audience, and get nothing but laughs. ABS-CBN comedy writer and MOR 101.9 DJ, Alex “The Master” Calleja perfectly capped off the night with his hilarious comparison of the local and foreign movies.

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