Wolfgang Nominated for Asia Voice Indie Music Awards

The Asia Voice Indie Music Awards 2010 (or AVIMA) has been rightly dubbed the worldÆs largest celebration of æindependentÆ talent. In the true indie spirit, the first AVIMA melded cutting-edge multi-media experiences and was streamed live to 30 countries over the internet. It also broke the mold of traditional awards shows by combining features of Asian phenomenon, ôAmazing Raceö, and high-octane thriller ô24.ö AVIMA 2010 promises to build more bridges, when it combines with an aid initiative scheduled to launch this year in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The AVIMA 2010 nominations were drawn from 3,000 artists in 25 countries. Wolfgang received four nominations : Best Rock Group, Best Rock Song, Best Rock Vocalist (for Basti Artadi), and Most Mind-blowing Music Video. AVIMA has a rainbow of 17 categories over 5 genres, including pop/ r&b, rock, hip-hop, electronic/ dance, and collaborations, symbolic of the new way music is being made in Asia. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, China, as well as Australia are represented.

ôWhen it comes to playing loud, hard and fast,ö music journalists have noted, ôfew bands have been able to match the sheer ferocity and onstage charisma of Wolfgang.ö

The mayhem wreaked by Basti ArtadiÆs brooding vocals and cryptic lyrics, Manuel LegardaÆs fire-starting guitarwork, Mon LegaspiÆs superb basslines and drummer Francis AquinoÆs masterful work on the skins are here with a vengeance.

The rise of the indie, whether in music or film, is the wave of the new millennium, which has seen the brightest, most innovative artists come from outside traditional record labels and big movie studios. AVIMA focuses on ôartistes who continue to evolve and innovate in the way that they approach and express their music." said Siva Chandran, founder of AVIMA and Managing Editor of, the organizers of the award show.

AVIMA harnesses that creative force across Asia and hopes to carry an inspirational message across the globe. Winners of AVIMA will be able to tap into regional media, telcom and grant platforms to promote and develop their music. It is organized by MalaysiaÆs biggest entertainment and lifestyle website,

It will be the second year for the AVIMA, who in its premiere year, recognized Philippine act Up Dharma Down alongside regional superstars Thaitanium of Thailand, Electrico of Singapore and Motherjane of India.

Wolfgang is one of that rare breed that is ôable to balance technical artistry, originality, and on-stage chops all at the same time.ö ItÆs been six years since the roar of Philippine rock legends Wolfgang has been heard û and theyÆre here to bring the thunder to the scene.