Guitarist Perfectly Plays Along Hysterically Crying Politician

"With every mistake we must surely be learning / Still my guitar gently weeps" - Ever heard of this Beatles song? Well, this would definitely come to your mind after watching this video.

A Hyogo prefectural assemblyman named Ryutaro Nonomura cried and wailed violently during a press conference as he defended himself against accusations of his bogus travel expenses - totalling 3 million yen or close to a half a million pesos After the unexpected incident, Japanese Twitter users lampooned Nonomura. But one parody definitely stood strong amongst all others. This anonymous Japanese musician responded in a somewhat "sensible" manner. He learned the “tune” of the man’s outburst and played along with him on his electric guitar and perfectly synched the pitch and timing. 

We never really thought that a political corruption would be really entertaining with a kickass soundtrack. Give it a shot, and see how long you can keep the laughter in. Watch the video below!

From YouTube User Vaina Loca

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