This Theme Park Ride Will Literally Make You Spin And Scream!

If you're someone who loves going to theme parks and hop on to some of the most exciting, frightening rides out there, you have to check this out! stumbled upon this video online that shows an off-ride view of an attraction called the Talocan Top Spin-Off which can be found at the Phantasialand Theme Park in Germany.

While watching the video, we ourselves can't help but scream out of fear caused by the sudden drops and spins! If you think you're brave enough to experience any theme park ride out there, this one will make you think again!

Watch the off-ride video below of the Talocan Top Spin-Off and see it for yourself!

From YouTube user Parkscout

But wait, there's more! If you're wondering what it's like to be on the Talocan Top Spin-Off, here's an on-ride video for you! Watch it below!

From YouTube user CoasterForce

You think you can survive the Talocan Top Spin-Off ride?

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