When Is It Okay To Let Go?

Falling in love is one of the easiest things a person could possibly go through. But investing in a relationship is a completely different story. While it’s so easy to love a person for the way they are, to do the things they do and like the things they like. It’s so easy to fall in love with someone’s quirks, jokes and smile, with the moments you’re with that special someone and you get so wrapped up in the world that they share with you, that’s when you know you forgot to bulletproof your heart.

Love is frequently described as involving self-sacrifices, becoming something more than human, an immortal to some extent. 

Sometimes, in order to satisfy, please or placate the one we love, we have to muster the strength and the courage to be something we are not. That’s what love is, to some, — completely surrendering yourself to someone else. Oftentimes, we do it willingly. Other times, we do because we must. 

In this special series, witness the unfolding of Alexa and Ralph’s love story as they go through the hardships and trials of being in love and staying together. Follow their journey and see if they can stand the test of time. 

A little disclaimer though, this can melt your heart and leave you longing for a Kleenex.Whether you are looking for that special someone or blissfully in love or in a rocky relationship (we hope not), this story knows how to pull on those heartstrings. So, jump under the covers, turn down the lights and tuck into this must-watch shortie! 

Quite a few love stories can burn its way into this generations' hearts. And can even make you ponder over the question - how long should you hold on to that special someone? 

When you’ve given it your all but it’s still not enough. Would you give up or hold on to it? Share your stories to us!



  • yca-dutchess

    posted 3 years ago

    After ko mapanood ang video, nagbalik ang lahat ng memories ko sa first love ko..sya din ang first boyfriend q..
    As a female (i dont want to be a gender bias..but it realy fits the reality of being in the role of girlfriend), ang mga babae.. submitting too much affection and decision to his love one is not a bad thing. But it may cause a big hit in youre ego if u do such thing that you dont want to do..but because of ur bf.. u just do it..without hesitation.
    is ok to let go someone.. specialy i

  • EmsRectraIIRN

    posted 3 years ago

    Hi MYX! This is my first time to sign up in your site although I have been an avid TV fan of your music channel.

    To answer the question, first and foremost, when can someone say you have given your all? I guess each of us has our own limitations so it really depends. But in my opinion, that really depends whether someone has to give up or hold on.

    Is the relationship still worth fighting for?
    Is the other person also fighting for the same cause as yours?

    In every relationship we have t