Watch JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE Do The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

You’ve certainly seen a ton of your favorite celebrities participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge, which is making a splash all over social media. Participants dump ice-cold water over their heads and challenge others to do so, too, in 24 hours. And Julie Anne San Jose is one of the latest celebs to accept the challenge.

After being nominated by Christian Bautista, Kris Lawrence and Pocholo Bismonte, Julie fearlessly stood in front of a pool, dumped water onto his head and took a fun plunge into the swimming pool. 

Take a look at her Ice Bucket Challenge below!

The young singer called out big names in the industry - Michael V., Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, as well as all her fans she calls the “Adiks” to join in. And yes, the newly engaged couple accepted the challenge too! Check it out below!

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