The MYX Mag Exclusive with Copeland

American indie band Copeland is calling it quits, but not before giving their fans worldwide a final tour. Thanks to *SCAPE Singapore, The MYX Mag team caught up with vocalist Aaron Marsh in the Singapore leg to interview him on the tour, why theyÆre disbanding, and whatÆs in store for him and the other members of Copeland.

MYX Mag: Congratulations on your US tour. How was it?

Aaron: It was a lot of fun. We got to see lots of people and had a lot of friends come out, lots of friends in the scene, for years and years and years. It was the final tour that we were doing so everyone kinda showed up, it was cool. It felt really nice. Like a little reunion with a bunch of old friends.

MYX Mag: Why are you disbanding?

Aaron: ItÆs justà I think the season is past for us. ItÆs been almost 10 years that weÆve been doing it, and itÆs hard to keep the bandÆs profile up and have a life outside of that, have a family, have other interests outside of the band. In order to keep the band going it has to be all or nothing, and we all wanna move on and do other things and spend time with our families. Stephen and Bryan have a new band called States. And IÆm sure Jon will have a band, IÆm gonna start another band and do a lot of producing, so IÆll be home a lot more. I like being home.

MYX Mag: This is not your first time in Asia, right?

Aaron: No. This is our third time in Singapore, actually. You guys are from the Philippines right? WeÆve never been there.

MYX Mag: ThatÆs why weÆre here! So why is Singapore your first stop in the Asian leg?

Aaron: We donÆt have a particular reason, but we really like it here. I think my three most memorable shows that IÆve played have all been in Singapore. WeÆve always had a really good time. IÆm excited that weÆre kicking it off here.

MYX Mag: What do you expect from your Asian fans?

Aaron: In Twitter weÆre getting so much excitement and messages, especially for the Jakarta show. WeÆre really excited. I donÆt know how we got so many people knowing who we are in these places. Maybe itÆs because weÆve been to Singapore a couple of times, maybe thatÆs kinda how we got on the map over here. WeÆre just really excited. It seems like, whenever weÆre in Asia, we feel like the crowds are way more enthusiastic and energetic than American crowds, and maybe itÆs because not a lot of bands come over here. ItÆs a little bit saturated in the States, with so many bands over there. So weÆre excited to be here.

MYX Mag: Will you push through with your last record before completely disbanding?

Aaron: We havenÆt quite worked it out yet. We havenÆt really decided. If it were up to me, we would do it for sure, but thereÆs a lot of other things to consider. ItÆs kinda complicated.

MYX Mag: What is your greatest achievement as Copeland?

Aaron: ItÆs hard to figure out, like being on tour with the Goo Goo Dolls, that was like really a big career satisfaction moment for me. But I donÆt know if thatÆs our greatest achievement. I think probably our greatest achievement is just being able to play music for so many people and have the music affect so many peopleÆs lives. ThereÆs different moments along the way that are kinda career satisfaction moments. Playing Baybeats in Singapore was big career satisfaction moment. The crowd was so huge. It was a little bit overwhelming. It kinda felt like a blur. It was kinda a dream come true. Never the Philippines though. Too bad.

MYX Mag: What are your top three Copeland songs.

Aaron: LetÆs see, my favorite one to play live is Eat, Sleep, Repeat. My favorite one to listen to would probably be Not So Tough Found Out, thatÆs one of my favorites. And Choose The One Who Loves You More, thatÆs when I felt like we started to understand our sound and like grasp the direction we wanted to go. That song is the biggest indicator of direction we took, everything kinda clicked for us.

MYX Mag: Did you know that you have quite a following in the Philippines, especially among local bands?

Aaron: I didnÆt know that! ThatÆs awesome!

MYX Mag: WhatÆs your message to your Filipino fans?

Aaron: Thank you for letting the music be a part of your lives. Thanks for listening. ItÆs funny to hear that, æcause we never know what part of the world our music has reached, because our band never really got big in certain parts of the world, and now weÆre realizing in some parts of the world we have a big presence and we really didnÆt know it. So a big thanks for listening all these years!

Interview by Antoni Josef Inacay
Photos by Klara Iskra A±onuevo