Club 8's "The People's Record" is lighter but tougher

Lighter, but tougher
Indiepop darlings share their new global sound
by Mario S. Serrano
May 16, 2010

"It's all part of the plan for me to take over the whole world and make everyone an exact clone of me. áIf everybody will look like this in the end and listen to the same music, then I have succeeded." Johan shares his secret world domination plan. A lot of indiepop bands from the late 90's throughout 2000 have come and go. áBut after ten years and six albums strong, Club 8 continues to build its discography and The People's Record has more to offer.

"We had a special idea about this album. áAnd one day we read an article about Jari Haapalainen, the producer, and when we read that he was into the same kind of music that we were into, we called him." Karolina enthusiastically explains. á"We explained to him (Jari) what kind of sound we want to make and seemed he really understood what we wanted to do," states Johan. á"But then in order to get to this (holding a copy of the People's Record), we just have to leave it in his arms. áSo, he picked the musicians and so on," Johan further states. áApparently, losing control for Johan in producing this album was indeed a blessing.

Once you give the album a spin, you would instantly recognize the afro-cuban beat fused into their music. áAlthough there are other indiepop bands into the same direction, The People's Record sound more organic than electronic - which, of course, is a good thing. áIn order for that to happen, Club 8 did go to Brazil to experience, feel and record. á"The atmosphere in Brazil is really different from the atmosphere in Sweden. áIt's like day and night. áWe got inspired by the warmth and you can hear that in the new album," explains Karolina.

However, having a happy sound is not entirely a Club 8 trademark. á"Well, all the songs are still about death. áSo, I think we're still ok." Johan joking explains on whether Club 8 will lose their melancholia while having a happy sound. áGive the songs Dancing With The Mentally Ill, My Pessimistic Heartáand We're All Going To Dieáa listen and you would understand what he meant. "I just write the lyrics from my head from the way I am and ends up the way I am, I suppose" says Johan. áDon't get me wrong, as those are some of the outstanding tracks for me. áPersonally, it somehow reminded me of songs by A Certain Ratio, The Slits and even Au Pairs. The other tracks that stood out were Isn't That Great, The People áSpeakáand Like Me.

All in all, The People's Record does have that have summer feel that one can dance to. áHowever, it also contains tinges of melancholia - an unwritten trademark I presume. áKarolina believes that the climate is responsible. "We always yearn for the summer," she states. "It creates some sort of bittersweet feeling," she continues. áI would think that she was right as that is exactly how their sound like. áBittersweet. Happy-sad. Lighter, but tougher.


Club 8 is a Swedish duo composed ofáKarolina Komstedt andáJohan Angergsrd. Since about 2002, Club 8 has been one of those indiepop bands that were anticipated to come to Manila. áAfter eight years, we are thankful that Karolina already has the courage to perform live. áAnd so, we are all grateful to have interviewed them and seen them perform. áIt was truly an honor.

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