Accelerate with XLR8

Viva Records Introduces ItÆs P-Pop Label

Viva Records is preparing for an all out effort to come up with its own take of the Asian Pop Music revolution of K-Pop, J-Pop and etc. by creating a new label aptly called P-Pop which is simply Pinoy Pop. The Pop Girls is the first artist to carry the P-Pop label and will just be one of the artists to be part of this new label. P-Pop will be known as a sister label of Viva Records.

By making a head on collision with other groups such as 2NE1, Wonder Girls, Girl's Generation, Super Junior and etc. P-POP will eventually create its own identity which will not only showcase Pinoy talent but will also hopefully promote OPM not only locally but internationally as well.

P-Pop can be described as OPM which is refreshingly hip, danceable, groovy, catchy, youthful, energetic and fun. Viva Records has commissioned musical genius Marcus Davis as one of the creative minds in helping out conceptualize and bring to life the P-Pop sound.

Enter XLR8

After the mainstream success of its breakthrough artist the Pop Girls, Viva RecordsÆ sister label P-pop introduces its 2nd artist to be under its wings. Enter XLR8, pronounced as ôexcelerate.ö Combining the words excel and accelerate which can aptly mean ôgearing up to stand out and succeedö which is exactly P-popÆs main vision for the group, the other being more important is to help carry and come up with a new genre or sound for OPM. A sound which is young, hip, catchy and contains lyrics which are feel good and instill positive vibes to appeal to the FilipinoÆs way of life. XLR8 was formed even before the K-Pop phenomenon hit the Philippines. It took time to formally introduce them because Boss Vic first wanted to train them well in singing and dancing. The groupÆs training period almost reached two years and finally XLR8 is here. They are Kiko, Aki, Carlo, Caleb, MJ, MM, Arkin and AJ, each one gifted with the personality, vocals and dance moves to make a mark in the Music industry. Their first single ôYouÆre So Hotö produced by Marcus Davis is now a certified radio hit. XLR8 has also already generated an online fan base on Facebook enough to influence support for the sales of their self-titled debut album and for the acceptance of their own brand of musical style. XLR8 is also proud of their ôYouÆre So Hotö music video which was directed by MYX Music Awards winner Treb Monteras II. The music video was shot in Laser Extreme in Market Market, Taguig, giving it a perfect backdrop to the whole concept of being young, hip and catchy. To date the ôYouÆre So Hotö music video is already on the Pinoy Countdown of MYX.

Aside from ôYouÆre So Hotö, there are a lot more attention-worthy songs in XLR8Æs album such as ôI Love You Girlö ôMs. Beautifulö and ôDance With Meö, all composed by one of the XLR8 guys, MJ. Also in the album are several to-swoon-for ballads which showcase the guysÆ strong vocals such as ôFor Youö and ôIÆll Be Thereö. Hardworking and credible music industry personas collaborated to achieve this album namely : Italian-American international album producer Christian de Walden and sought after musical genius Marcus Davis who is also the Head of P-Pop Records.