Meet Fando and Lis

For the hardcore music lover wanting a change from the routine groups that go around the circuit, Fando and Lis is just the breath of fresh air that they are looking for. Based in Manila, Fando and LIs is composed of siblings Khavn Dela Cruz and Ledh dela cruz. Armed with their unique sound, the one of a kind feel that this duo produces of an intimate and personal musical experience is what makes them a cut above the rest.

Although officially being formed only early this year, the very musically inclined brother and sister have both been performing for quite some time now. Khavn dela cruz is also a member of two other bands, while Ledh dela cruz was formerly in a jazz band. After some time, they decided to go ahead with their plans of seriously forming together, and thus Fando and Lis were born.

Getting their name from the film Fando y Lis, by Alejandro Jodoworsky the indie folk pair has had performances in Mag net, Saguijo and Green papaya. Mostly singing songs that are the original compositions of Khavn dela cruz, they are a good mix of English and Tagalog songs, along with two covers.

Having their subject matter mostly that of the timeless tales of love, loss, broken hearts and unrequited passions, it is no surprise that they manage to have a rather melancholic feel to their genre of ônew folkö. It is having their distinctive and beautiful interpretation of the emotions that everyone has dealt with at one point or another in their lives that makes them so relevant and hauntingly addicting to any listener. That being said, they also have a healthy balance of happy and upbeat songs. The balance is a perfect celebration of life itself.

Choosing to be minimalist, the only instrument they use in their performances is the piano and voice, nothing else. This raw and very basic take on music is what makes the experience very close to the audiences. Removing all other sounds and instruments except that which is needed to communicate the song in the best way possible, it is stripped of the ornaments of many modern groups and what is left is the core, the soul and the heart of the song.

On July 8, Fando & Lis will be back at B-Side for the Laglagan benefit gig, which is for the benefit of the Aetas in Pinatubo. The gig is for the collection of funds and school supplies (old or new). Other performances will include Bagetsafonik, The Chogkeys, Dr. Mindbender, Lady-I, Gaijin, Dreadknot Used, Sinag and more! Laglagan starts 10PM onwards.