Triple Threat: Chicosci, Typecast and Valley of Chrome in 1 gig

The brotherhood that was is at it again. Catch Chicosci, Typecast and Valley of Chrome wreak musical chaos this July 23 at CafT Saguijo. And with them to join the fun are friends from April Morning Skies, Blue Boy Bites Back, Hilera and Jejaview.

Fans of the three headliners would remember their constant touring during the earlier part of the decade - constantly packing crowds eager to experience the bandsÆ arsenal of songs.

Valley of Chrome frontman Rogel Africa shares, ôIt feels really exciting! As much as they are good friends with my band, I am personally a fan of their music as well. It has been like seven years since weÆve had the regular monthly MayricÆs nights and out-of- town shows, and it's really good to know we're back at it!ö

ôSo much has changed over the half decade: albums have been released, songs have gotten louder or softer, members have come and go,ö shares Typecast drummer Melvin Macatiag. ôOur bands have enjoyed individual successes but despite all the changes, weÆd still be throwing high-fives at each other whenever we play a same gig. Because if you think about it, being together as a family shaped us a lot on what we are todayö Melvin adds, ôThis is a good way to catch up and hangout with the boys again. Let's see if we can do it all again!ö

As Chicosci bassist Carlos Calderon excitedly declares, ôItÆs gonna be awesome.ö

So get stoked and get ready as Chicosci, Typecast and Valley of Chrome perform tracks ranging from their latest singles to their first album songs. This truly is one rock show you cannot miss.