Hale releases new single and music ôMagkaibang Mundoö featuring Angel Locsin

Hale releases new single ôMagkaibang Mundoö. The 4th single from ôKundimanö album with a brand new music video featuring Angel Locsin.

They have released few of the most commercially successful rock-pop blueprints of recent years and HALE is once again hitting their roads with the fourth single ôMagkaibang Mundoö culled from their latest KUNDIMAN. After turning in their solid efforts with their fourth studio album released in July 2009, the album produced the singles "Bahay Kubo", "Kalesa,", "Harinawa" and now brought about a comeback to chart-topping singles released under Polyeast Records.

While the latest album builds on the band's signature style-- atmospheric, pop-tinged melodies and shimmering guitar riffs-- Hale is happy to come along for another ride with the release of their fourth single ôMagkaibang Mundoö. The music video, directed by Nani Naguit, features a cameo role done by Ms. Angel Locsin. Hale's frontman and the latest single's songwriter Champ Lui Pio shares, ôFor this video, it was really a team effort. The team brainstormed and really helped each other build the whole video from story line, to cinematography, color grading, editing û everything. What makes this video special is the effort poured into it. You can really see and feel the passion the people put behind it.ö

Champ continues, ôAngel is truly an angel from heaven. To be honest, we were working on a limited budget for this video. She was gracious enough to appear on the video and do it for free. She was so involved and patient with us despite having to deal with obstacles during the shoot. Hands down to her! It was an experience that we will never forget.ö

The song, "Magkaibang Mundo" is about ôrecollecting past memories and rekindling precious moments of a past love. Wondering what life would have been if fate had gone in a different path. The person struggles to move on and cannot deny the passion he has for the otherö as Champ claimed. "In the end, love prevails, hope will rise. But it might just be a little too late. ö Champ is nothing but thankful for HaleÆs latest feat. He says, ôFor now, I'm just grateful for the experience shooting the video. IÆm really, really happy with it. And IÆm excited to share it to everyone.ö

Hale began in 2005 with their self-titled album and gave us singles that won radio stations' listener polls, bagged numerous awards and wowed Filipino crowd with their live performances all over the country. With the titles ôThe Day You Said Goodnightö and "Broken Sonnet,ö Hale became popular and gave OPM a new light with their trademark of ômelo-drama.ö After releasing their triple platinum debut, their extraordinary development were also traced in three other critically acclaimed and award winning albums such as the gold record ôTwilightö (2006), ôAbove, Over and Beyondö (2008) and ôKundimanö (2009). Hale are Champ Lui-Pio (Vocals), Sheldon Gellada (bass), Roll Martinez (guitars) and Pao Santiago (drums).

While Champ developed as a songwriter, heÆs now establishing a parallel career as a solo artist. He is currently in studio recording his debut of his solo efforts, which will be out this October 2010. Champ is also busy doing his charity work with Treehouse Productions, a production made by OPM bands and artist for the benefit of other people and charities.

"Magkaibang Mundo", the newest single from Hale and to vote for its music video on MYX, you can text MYX VOTE MAGKAIBANG MUNDO and send it to 2366. Meanwhile, the album KUNDIMAN is still available in CDs released under Polyeast Records.