Martin Nievera's "The Forever Collection"

Martin NieveraÆs ôThe Forever Collectionö CD is now available nationwide released by Polyeast Records

Digitally Remastered 3-CD Boxset of the biggest selling album series of the Concert King including the albums "Forever", "Forever Forever" and "Return to Forever"

Remembering three classic albums from the one of the highest selling OPM artist of all-time, The Forever Collection is a slick package of songs by the incomparable and the countryÆs concert king Martin Nievera. Released by Polyeast Records, THE FOREVER COLLECTION is a 3-CD box set retrospective includes few of the songs that catapulted Nievera to mega-stardom and plenty of others as ample testimony to his remarkable success.

The Forever Collection is exactly what the title suggests and features songs that will stay forever in a slick package of the albums Forever (1999); Forever, Forever (2000); Return to Forever (2001) as a testament to NieveraÆs stellar musical career. Three of the best-selling albums of his 28 year-old career, this collection is digitally remastered to give you more of NieveraÆs effortless vocal talent that captured the mood for love in perfect style and though too sentimental for some.

As the box set boasts a three biggest selling album series of the Concert King, experience this collection in limited gold cds, 24-bit remastering and audiophile recording of NieveraÆs original songs and well-crafted cover versions. Collecting NieveraÆs hit after the other such as ôForeverö, ôThe Promiseö, ôIkaw Lang Ang Mamahalinö, ôForevermoreö, ôKahit Isang Saglitö and other all-time favourites. Some of the most memorable love songs of all time have been compiled and blended with NieveraÆs vocals to create truly romantic and heart-felt duets between the concert king and some of the most revered artists like Bert Nievera (ôThe Greatest Love Affairö) and Zsa-Zsa Padilla (ôSeparate Livesö).

The Forever Collection will definitely deliver another great addition to any collection. The Forever Collection includes the albums Forever; Forever, Forever; and Return To Forever. This collection is now available nationwide for only P999.00 released by Polyeast Records.