Chicosci rocked Baybeats Singapore

A plethora of the most talented artists locally and internationally gathered to have a celebration of sound in the recent ôBaybeatsö event in Singapore! The Philippines did not fail to represent and show the world what raw, unadulterated, Pinoy talent is all about with one of the best local rock bands CHICOSCI performing in this grand event!

With a rock solid local following and a string of chart-topping hits, CHICOSCI is currently conquering Asia as they further gain ground in the regional music scene. Having already toured in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, the band recently had a groundbreaking performance in Singapore, leaving the international crowd in awe!

Chicosci performed on the ôPowerhouse Stage,ö defining what they are as a band. It goes to show that the band can catapult a rock culture not only locally, but also abroad! They managed to gather a crowd that gave a resounding seal of recognition through their endless applause!

ChicosciÆs fifth and latest album, Fly Black Hearts, under MCA Music Inc boasts as being their best work to date, and audiences and critics seem to agree. Their first single, ôDiamond Shotgun (Lock and Load)ö, reached topped Philippine radio and television charts. The band has won the ListenerÆs Choice Award at the 2009 NU 107 Rock Awards, while their video for has been named the Favorite Rock Video at the 2010 MYX Music Awards.

The band released their single and video for ôBreathe Againö and as expected, once again topped music and video charts in the country. Their next single and video ôWhatÆs Your Poison?ö is to be released soon.

With all the acclaim CHICOSCI has been receiving here and abroad, itÆs no surprise that the band is more pumped than ever to make 2010 another significant year. CHICOSCI shows no sign of slowing down. And that, they say, is a promise - wherever you are.

Grab a copy of their latest album ôFLY BLACK HEARTSö under MCA music available in all major record bars nationwide.