JESSIE J, ARIANA GRANDE & NICKI MINAJ's "Bang Bang" Music Video Is Finally Here!

After a month of teasing, Jessi J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's “Bang Bang" is finally upon us. And as expected, it's phenomenal. 

Piling one catchy hook on top of another, the single seems as likely to crawl up the charts as it is to get stuck in your head, it's bouncy beats and horn blasts is truly make it a clap-heavy, twerk-friendly song. With the strength of “Bang Bang” lying on their piercing vocals, Jessie J’s powerful vocals, Grande’s swooning croon, and Minaj’s rapid-fire spitting rapping, the music video is just the perfect to go along with the track.

The three powerhouse females separately strut their stuff through Los Angeles. Jessie dances in the streets of New York, Ariana dances in her bedroom and Nicki dances in front of a helicopter. And all three divas finally come together at the very last minute to party on a helipad. And they literally lit up the skyline with their style and ultra sassy moves.

Watch the music video below!

From YouTube User JessieJVEVO

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