Catch Your Newest MYX VJs VIEO, GIANNA and LUIGI On MYXed Lives Tonight!

Tonight on MYX Presents, we will be featuring the freshest MYX VJs Vieo, Gianna and Luigi!

Be a witness on how MYX has changed the lives of the newest members of our family and check out what they do on a typical day behind the camera!

Set your alarms and make sure not to miss this episode of MYX Presents tonight @ 9PM on the MYX channel on cable!

This is going to be a fun-filled, crazy a-day-in-the-life treat for everyone!

MYXed Lives: Vieo, Gianna and Luigi tonight @ 9PM!

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  • jemnerlo

    posted 3 years ago

    yeah thats so very nice

  • bee_gal09

    posted 3 years ago