The Superhero Workout App Will Turn Your Exercise Into A Game

Unless you’re the last survivor from an alien planet who’s blessed with the ability to absorb yellow sunlight and shoot laser beams from your eyeballs, you’ll need to work yourself into reasonable shape.

If you want to keep track of your fitness and diet goals, using your phone is an ideal way to do it. Because your smartphone and apps are always with you, they are a constant reminder to check in on your progress, stay the course, and keep your motivation up. While there are a ton of workout apps that's sure to kip and healthy, the Superhero Workout app is sure to add a new twist to your workout routine. 

How is it different from other workout apps? This one uses motion tracking to count your reps. Just set up your phone on a table, get in front of the front-facing camera, and Superhero Workout tracks what you're doing while displaying a guide for how to properly do each exercise. It also tells you to work out even more often by adding gamification elements alongside a narrative. You'll be tasked to save the world!

Know more about this app by watching the video below!

From YouTube User sixtostart

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