TEETH's Final Concert Is Just The Beginning Of What's To Come


It's been almost 20 years since we last heard from this five-piece music machine. And now they're back and there's a whole lot more to look forward to.

Last August 28, 2014, with the new lineup of the band - Glenn Jacinto (vocals), Jerome Velasco (guitar), Andrew "Dok" Sergio (guitars/vocals) Pedz Narvaja (bass) and Mike Dizon (drums) - Teeth took the stage at the 278 Apache Bar, Paranaque City for the final leg of their 20th Anniversary reunion concerts.

The venue was packed with their long-time hardcore fans and everyone can feel the anticipation in the air. Kick starting the show was Salt Circa a 90's style grunge band which was absolutely fitting for that night.

Next on stage was Adobo Uppercut, the stripped-down approach of the venue was perfect for their grunge rock solid music. 

Next up was the Demi band. It was obvious that every single one in the crowd enjoyed their harder-edged, solid music. 

Capping off the opening acts was the Army of One. This Christian rock band's music filled the venue with excitement by injecting hard hitting grooves, their infectious chorus lines and huge guitar sounds.

Cheers followed as Teeth finally took the stage. Everyone who anxiously waited got the show that they came for.

Reviews would all unanimous: the show was as audacious, awesome and celebratory as everybody hoped it would be. Jacinto's voice is still raw and powerful as ever: over two decades since their last live concert, it was wild and deepened and the entire show made everyone body slamm and head bang to their music. 

Of course, "Bumsquad," "Prinsesa," and especially "Laklak" intoxicated the whole venue and kept their fans wanting for more. 

Teeth's series of reunion concerts truly brought back a lot of nostalgia and pleased their hardcore fans but contrary to popular belief, Glenn Jacinto himself clarified that there's a lot more to expect from them. "Hopefully, this is not the last and final gig of Teeth [naman]. We're not disbanding. We'll do more shows in the future. There's a lot of plans, there's a plan to record a full-length album and do a tour, we're open to doing shows outside the Philippines and in the provinces. Watch out!"

Teeth thanks all their fans for their continuous support. Watch the video below!

To see more photos from the show, click HERE!

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  • Xta_Zee

    posted 3 years ago

    Hi Julie, I think you need to double check the band line-up.. I believe you missed out Peding Narvaja (Pedz). He's the one doing bass duties and Dok Sergio is actually doing the guitars. Thanks!