KYLIE PADILLA Shares Her Makeup Routine

Photo from Kylie Padilla's Instagram

Kylie Padilla has that gorgeous and effortless look. She's one to have a perfectly polished, lush, done-to-the-nines appearance which inspires a serious obsession among her fans. 

Since a lot of young girls are asking, how does one apply just enough to look your best without going totally overboard and being a cakey mess just like her? Well, we can get a couple of makeup tips straight from Kylie herself!

There’s a lot to learn about makeup and beauty out there—especially if you're a newbie it can be truly overwhelming at times. Whether you’re a veteran who executes a killer smoky eye on the regular or a beginner who struggles with foundation application, there's nothing like a good makeup tutorial straight from someone who looks beautiful all the time. 

In this 'Get Ready with Kylie Padilla!' video, she takes you through her step-by-step makeup regimen. From the products that she likes to use and to how you to use them, she shows all of you at home a thing or two about natural, beautiful, barely-there makeup. 

What are you waiting for? Watch the video below!

From YouTube User Kylie Padilla

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