This Girl's "The Way You Make Me Feel" Cover Will Blow You Away

If you’re not familiar with Kawehi you should definitely check out her YouTube channel. 

While there are so many talented people on the internet doing cover songs, this girl has definitely stood tall above the crowd. Kansas-based singer and musician Kawehi wowed a ton of netizens with her solo loop machine performance of the Michael Jackson classic hit "The Way You Make Me Feel." 

Even though she's already somewhat popular online with over 60,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Only now has she had her first big break.

Despite the fact that she's in a totally casual background, with a couple of dogs beside her while sitting on the bed, Kawehi can do magic with the loop machine. It's as if she's in a totally high tech recording studio, auto-tune and a staff of hundreds.

The King of Pop would be proud. Watch the video below!

From YouTube User I Am Kawehi

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