5 Things You Need To Know About ABSOLUTE PLAY

These new kids on the block are definitely worth a listen. 

Absolute Play is making a splash serving up fresh beats, family-style. They play honest to goodness youth-punk music sprinkled with huge doses of fun, good vibes, and good values. And with their steadily growing fan base of more than 47k followers on Facebook proves that this group is the next in line.

Here are five things that you should know about them.

1. Young and Bold

Composed of Murielle, 14 years old on keys and lead vocals, Mato, 18 years old on drums and Alto, 15 years old on lead guitars and the songwriter of the group, their kind of music surpasses boundaries of age, capturing the young and the young-at-heart with their feel good songs.

They launched their career in August 2010 at Assumption Antipolo and has already released three singles and music videos. 

2. Absolute Performance

In between school and homeworks, Absolute Play has managed to squeeze-in playing live gigs at various schools like performing in the recently concluded MYX Slam Jam held in UP Diliman. They've performed in countless school gigs, be sure the catch them at yours!

These youngsters have already performed outside the country and have been invited to perform in a 200 year old pub pub called Queens Arm Pub located in Barrow, Cumbria, England in April 2012 and opened for Chicosci in their Singapore gig last July 2013. And recently. the pop-punk trio opened for the Aussie-via-L.A. transplants Echosmith last August 28.

3. All Original  

These kids have already composed 11 original songs! And their 10-track all original album was released last February, this features their latest single "Little Miss Home Wrecker." The trio’s visual and sonic statements come straight from the heart. 

4. Their album "Children of Chaos" was released in USB cards

How cool is that! It comes in a CD format as well but their new medium aims to revolutionize the way people acquire their favorite artists' music. Sold in 4gb and 8gb variants, it's thin and lightweight and can be stored in one's wallet. 

The album contains 10 tracks including their singles "Little Miss Home Wrecker," "Beautiful Star," "My Old Pal," and "Hard Easy Semi Correct." It offers music that gravitates towards the rock side of the pop-punk genre ans somewhat touches the hummable pop and ‘90s punk.

5. Music For Everyone

Their songs are indeed a crowd-pleaser and an earphone-hugger. They epitomize youth in their music's hot pot of emotions. In a way their music reflects the experiences that the youth go through. We can really say that their music transcends many generations as well. 

Check out their music videos below!

From YouTube User 12StoneRecords

From YouTube User 12StoneRecords

"Children of Chaos" is now out on records nationwide and is also sold online. It can be availed individually or bundled with the Absolute Play limited edition special shirt.

Tracklist are as follows: 

1. Be the Best Kid
2. Beautiful Star
3. Green Eyed Monster
4. Not Imagining
5. Do Good Things
6. Someday
7. Little Miss Home Wrecker
8. Here Goes the Show
9. My Old Pal
10. Hard Easy Semi Correct 

Do checkout their Facebook page:

If you already have a copy of "Children of Chaos," what's your favorite track?



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