Take A Trip Down Memory Lane At KEAN & EUNICE's Upcoming "Happy Together" Concert!

Two of local rock scene's most notable vocalists, Callalily’s Kean Cipriano and Gracenote’s Eunice Jorge, came together for a special collaboration album - “Happy Together: A Trip Down Memory Lane with Kean and Eunice.” 

The undeniable chemistry between Kean and Eunice translates to the songs they have thoughtfully worked on together. And on September 19, you can finally watch them perform LIVE! Don't miss your chance to witness how they give drama to interpret the classics with a modern twist. 

Be inspired, dream, feel loved and be happy together at their upcoming concert. As to the business of singing love songs—stirring away from the cheesy or obvious— Kean and Eunice have done a great job on this one. Cupid has you in his sights, people. Not only with that special someone, but with the music and story and just about every single element there is in this collaboration. 

Expect to sniff along to the all-time classics (yes, you can tell Mom that Rod Stewart is in there) and feel a smile spread across your face when you listen to the tracks and think of your own number one sweetie—whether they know it yet or not.

Listen and appreciate the songs that your folks loved to listen to. Better yet, bond with your folks during the night as you sing along together with Kean and Eunice to your heart's content. 

Wondering what you'll expect from the show? Watch the video below as Kean and Eunice invite you to their upcoming concert!

Mark your calendars and head on to the Music Museum, Greenhills, San Juan on September 19, 2014 @ 8PM.

Ticket prices are as follows:

Orchestra VIP - P1,500
Orchestra Center - P800
Orchestra Sides - P500
Balcony - P350

What Kean and Eunice song are you excited to hear LIVE on September 19? Feel free to leave your comments below!