Watch This Rare Footage Of Teenage KATY PERRY Before She Was Famous

Ever wondered what Katy was like before she was kissing girls and was loving "unconditionally," she was a hopeful Christian artist.  

Katy has always been open about her musical beginnings but in this video, you'll get the chance to see Katy years before her stardom.

"I have lots of songs to write about. Lots of things to write about," says teenage Katy. This rare footage features the pop star when she was a young unknown, practicing guitar riffs, putting her hair in pigtails, and calling herself a "pizza face."

Award-winning videographer Jim Standridge discovered a footage he shot of Perry during her first tour in 2001.  He edited the 90-minutes raw footage down to a 13-minute montage, which is full of priceless intimate moments with an earnest, teenage Katy. He wrote along the video: "I was very fortunate to meet and hang out with this genuine talent in the beginning of her career. The other day I was cleaning out some old footage in my office and found 90 minutes of raw footage I had totally forgot about. I think Katy has grown into an amazing entertainer and woman."

Back in the days, Katy was an ordinary teenager. Watch the video below!

From Vimeo User Jim Standridge