Should We Say Goodbye Or Can We Still Start Over?

Every so often something happens to us that changes the way we look at things, leading us to certain decisions that  we really need in life. This choice is most frequently a result of something unfathomable, like an unexpected break up.

That sudden transition period is painful, it’s exhausting and it’s so incredibly difficult. However, it is possible for a couple to break up and then make up, right? While other times it’s just not meant to work out — ever. But regardless of how the story is meant to end, isn't it worth knowing for sure whether you two can ultimately find happiness with or without each other?

Love advice is usually simple when it comes to rekindling an old relationship: don´t. Sometimes we so desperately cling to the potential in people that we completely ignore the realities that stand before us. Things are misaligned. The pieces don’t quite fit together. And that’s okay. 

But there are cases when it isn't that simple, and where that usual love advice may not hold true. Everyone deserves a second chance to prove their worth in the kind of commitment they subject themselves to. People change!

To anyone who’s thinking whether you should pack your things and go or just hope for the best, give it another shot because “maybe it’ll be different this time,” here’s a little something for you. 

In this episode, reflect and relate on many levels with Ralph and Alexa's love story. If you got hooked with the first part of this series, here's the sequel! Follow their journey and see if they can stand the test of time. 

Have you ever been through this situation? Let us know your stories through the comment section below!



  • hannatingzon

    posted 3 years ago

    i've been into a on-off relationship, he's my first boyfriend .. 3rdyr. hs ko siya naging boyfriend till mka graduate kme pareho .. aaminin ko nung mga panahong bago pa lang kame, i always took him for granted, pag nag aaway kame sya yung laging nanunuyo sakin ako yung nagmamatigas since alam kong sobra niya kong mahal. but i guess people do change, after naming makagraduate he just texted me that he thinks that it's better for us to have some space for the mean time since we're