12-Year-Old Balut Vendor's Golden Voice Goes Viral

Simply put, there is only a small group of people in this entire world that deserves to be described as “born to sing,” and that's us - Pinoys!

True talents are scattered all across the archipelago and many go unnoticed. But with the help of social media and the evolving technology, many are gaining their much-deserved praise and recognition. 

This video has been making rounds in the social media after it was uploaded last September 1. A young boy showed off his amazing vocal prowess as he sang "Sayang Na Sayang" and "Hanggang Ngayon." 

According to the uploader of the video, Venn Eli, he was just walking along the street when he noticed the young boy.

"Habang naglalakad ako sa kahabaan ng kalsada sa ALANGILAN, BATANGAS CITY eh napadaan ako dito sa kalye kung saan may narinig akong Golden Voice ng isang Bagets kaya hinanap ko kaagad at pinakanta."

His name is Chris. He helps his family earn a living by selling balut around town. And judging by the 3-minute clip, this really paid of for him. 

Watch the video below!

From YouTube User Teofilo de sagun

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