RAIMUND MARASIGAN Crowd Surfs At The Epic UP Diliman MYX Slam Jam

The UP Diliman MYX Slam Jam was held last August 29, 2014, this showcased performances from Sandwich, Callalily, Absolute Play and Save Me Hollywood. 

It was more than just the music. All four bands gave an extra level of sense-blasting awesomeness that the audience could not contain. It was surely an awesome night — an experience that would resonate with the Peyups freshmen for the years to come.

Especially Sandwich's performance! It sparked an epic response from all the Iskolar ng Bayan freshies that even drove Raimund Marasigan to surf the crowd not just once but three times! It was a moment that will be remembered for quite a long time. Watch the video below!

To see more photos from the event, click HERE!

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