#ThrowbackThursday: 15-Year-Old RIHANNA Singing Mariah Carey's "Hero"

It's really hard to imagine Rihanna as Robyn Fenty, the island girl, who, at one point, led an average life like the rest of us. 

After all, she's one of the world's most celebrated entertainers, but like many aspiring singers, Badgal Riri found herself frequenting the stages of amateur singing contests in a bid to flaunt her skills to anyone paying attention.

Rihanna's voice has come a long way since this performance but the even from then, you'd know that she's got it in her. There is no question that the average person would not even dare to consider a career in music with a voice like hers.

Thus making her success all the more commendable, for what she has always lacked in discernible talent she has made up for in personality and undeniably good Pop music.

Watch the video below!

From YouTube User Baddy RIRI

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