Is KATY PERRY A Fashion Copycat?

Photo from HITFIX

Katy Perry's style has never been boring. From her outrageous fashion choices in her music videos to her concert costumes, she's never been one for conventional fashion. But it looks like, Katy has been taking fashion inspiration from a 1940s comic book character. Her name is Katy Keene. 

Keene, first appeared in Wilbur Comics #5 (1944), a comic book that was published by Archie Comics. She was also known as "America's Queen of Pin-Ups and Fashions." But what made her really cool was that readers could submit designs for her clothing. During its run the character was portrayed as a singer, a model and even a movie star. 

Over the past few years, people started to notice some striking similarities between Katy Perry and Katy Keene, both their image and their near-matching outfits.

At some point, the accusations got back to Perry who told Rolling Stone: "I saw that a few months ago and the Internet is so crazy. Like, that's crazy! I want to go get an MRI right now and have them look inside me and make sure I'm not a comic! But what freaked me out about it is, we looked into it, and it turned out she has a sister who's a redhead. And my sister is a redhead! And I was like, '[frick]! Stop it!' I mean, it's pretty interesting. But it's not that deep! Like I would have been, like a physicist if I were that smart, you know what I’m saying? If I was that smart and that calculated, I would be, like, something else."

Okay, so Keene is probably actually Perry in her past life. 

Anyway, feast your eyes on their unbelievable resemblances in the video below! 

From YouTube User Little Monster Nacho

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