5 Things To Watch Out For In THE MAZE RUNNER Movie

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The movie adaptation to The Maze Runner will soon hit the theaters getting both dystopian-movie enthusiasts and book lovers all excited for what it has to offer. If you’re already a huge fan of the book series, then you know that The Maze Runner packs a hefty amount of plot twists and mind-blowing scenes that everyone expects will be nothing short of explosive. But if you haven’t read it yet, it’s best to be prepared and know what to expect. So here goes, 5 things you should definitely expect from The Maze Runner:

1. There’s only a hint of a love story but it’s powerfully subtle.

There's just the right kind of budding romance happening in the movie. It's enough to teach something and not too much to turn the love parts a totally mushy one.

2. Trust, friendship, and faith go a long way.

Watching the film will transport you to a fantasy world but it didn't fail to recognize how such values make everything work especially in the most outrageous situations.

3. The thrilling suspense will leave you clutching your seat.

The film is the perfect combination of good story-telling, imaginative plot-twists, and finger-biting intrigue. It's amazing how they were able to directly translate the words on the book to the big screen.The movie is a suspenseful and thrilling experience from beginning to end, from the mystery behind the maze down to the climax of the film. 

4. It’s action-packed and male-dominated.

The film has everything: action, adventure, hybrid monsters but also recognizes a lot of relatable elements in it. The fact that it's a male-dominated story of survival is definitely something new.

5. The plot twists will leave you wanting for more.

The twisty, maze-like turns of the plot is really far from any dystopian/thriller film you've ever seen. Watching it is an interesting experience. And without disclosing any spoilers, yes, you will be completely stunned with the ending. 

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September 17