What Happens When You Can't Stop Instagramming

Pretty Little Liars" actress Troian Bellisario has a little problem. And her friends are fed up with it, in this short film. 

According to her friends, she's 'gramming too much rather than living life in the moment, so to give her a little intervention in her addiction they decided to take her phone away for one whole day. Little did she know that she's about to have the most Instagram-worthy day ever. 

In real life, many of us have succumbed to this addiction, social media has taken over our lives to the point that some of us don't really get to experience the moment. Also with Instagram’s heavy emphasis on visuals, the social network has the power to make normal people seem much more interesting and important than they actually are. They’d share uninhibited moments, cool experiences, new finds and delicious meals. Sometimes it's as if we have to be so conscious and careful with what we post that it takes all the fun out of it. This shortie should teach a lesson or two to everyone. 

Do you think she can kick her Instagram habit in the end? Watch the video below!

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