The Music Video For ERASERHEADS' "1995" Is Finally Here!

The Eraserheads takes you to the magical world of "1995."

After the release of their video for “Sabado” last September 11, the Eraserheads has released another new music video, this time for the track “1995." Directed by Erik Matti, the video's distinct visual rhythm shows off a whole new level of sense-blasting awesomeness. 

It enfolds in a way that's just different from how music videos today are done, from the most minute details that they've masterfully put together with the band doing their thing, the 4-minute video is sure to take you to the magical world inside and onward into the spectacular world of Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Raimund Marasigan and Buddy Zabala.

The balance between the abstractness of forms and their combinations into the figures which keep metamorphosing back into Wes Anderson-esque images makes for one hell of a viewing experience. 

Surely, we can only hope for more.

This is definitely nostalgia at its finest, as the video ends with a shot of the band playing in front of the UP Oblation, taking us all back to where it all began.

Check out the music video below!

From YouTube User EsquirePh

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