This LSS-Inducing "Speech" Is A Must-Watch!

You might think that all post-game interviews sound the same: the best player of the game just blurting out what their coach has instructed them to do, or what advantage they have against their opponent that made them win the game--it's almost a template! But football player Apollos Hester's is different. His is of humility and motivation saying:

"Regardless of the scoreboard, you can do anything that you worked for. Do it for us, do it for one another, do it for yourself and do it for each other,"

..which is now the lyrics of this LSS-inducing song, songify-ed by The Gregory Brothers: Michael, Andrew, Sarah, and Evan, the minds behind the Youtube channel schmoyoho, which turns almost everything into a song - may it be the news, an original song or musical, or in this case, a speech.

Watch how they turned a very inspirational post-game interview into a song by watching the video below:

Uploaded by schmoyoho

Realize how genius the song turned out by watching the original interview video:

Uploaded by Lauren Mickler

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