Little Girl Reacting To Her Dad's Peek-A-Boo Surprise Is Too Adorable!

Judging from the video, this little girl really loved her dad’s beard.

In the first part of a video, presumably filmed by the girl's mom, the little girl pulls off a white towel from her father Bradley Bailey's face, as he says 'peek-a-boo' and then she laughs so adorably. But when he shaves his beard off half-way through the game and returns to his unsuspecting daughter, things go a little south.The little girl cries after not being ale to recognize her dad.

This video has already garnered 7,888,273 since its upload last September 11! Despite the cuteness of this video, many of those viewers were split on their reactions. Many thought it was simply harmless dad-daughter fun but others say this is an act of child abuse for a lot of reasons. 

You just really have to see her "AWWW"-worthy reaction. Check out the video below!

From YouTube User Jennifer Bailey

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