"Now It Starts" for Miguel Escueta

"Organic, real and fresh" - the 3 words used by Miguel Escueta when asked to describe his new full length album "Now It Starts." The new originals on this album are, according to Escueta, the most "honest and sincere" he has written to date. "Lyrically, I just feel I said it the way it had to be said. No more metaphors or underlying meanings. Just pure honesty." The album has cover songs as well û his carrier single "We Belong Together" (Mariah Carey), "Rush Rush" (Paula Abdul) and "Love Fool" (The Cardigans), among others. "I'm very proud of how we attacked these covers in arrangement and production. Its always scary to record famous cover songs, but I'm very happy with how we did on this record because I feel that we've turned them into our own and are now definitely fun to perform LIVE," M.E. shares.

This album is actually Escueta's 2nd full length offering, the last one coming in 2007 with his debut release "I AM M.E." In 2008, a special deluxe version of the debut album came out and last year the E.P. "Sleeping While The World's Awake" was released which served as a prelude to the new full-length album that hit stores just last week. The E.P. tracks are, of course, included in this latest release. He is set to launch the album on national TV with his band on Party Pilipinas (GMA7) in the coming weeks. With his carrier single ôWe Belong Together,ö Miguel is all geared up and ready to set the stage and energize audiences.

Being a main stay on the show over the past year, Miguel was able to put together a special video of "Now It Starts" that features almost the whole Party Pilipinas Cast singing a line or two from the song while portraying the feel good vibe of the track and the fun-loving atmosphere of the show! "I'm so grateful that they all agreed to be part of it and help out. The nice thing about this show is that we all support each other. Even the big stars treat us new comers like family. I'm so proud to be part of a winning show that has this familial / supportive type of culture."

The special video of "Now It Starts" is only available for viewing on the Internet. So If you haven't seen it yet, just log on to The Offical Music Video for his carrier single ôWe Belong Togetherö is also available on The new album "Now It Starts" is now for sale in all major record bars nationwide courtesy of MCA Music Inc. and brought to you by VANS, Human, Roadtone Guitars, Southern Musician, Decawake Davao and Heartfire Studios.

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