Gary Valenciano's "Replay"

After his successful and historic collaboration with Concert King Martin Nievera in their ôAS 1ö commemorative CD, Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano returns to the recording scene with the much-awaited and highly-anticipated release of his latest solo, full-length CD underUniversal Records entitled ôReplay.ö

It should be noted that ôReplayö is Gary ValencianoÆs 25th full-length studio album under Universal Records and its main thematic concept is centered on the idea of providing GaryÆs previously recorded songs, culled from his past multi-platinum albums, a second chance in the mainstream since they did not make it on the top of the charts at the time of their release. These songs were not as popular, even bordering to being relatively unknown, as compared to the monster hits that other songs in their respective CD collections they belong to have become. Some may consider the song selections in ôReplayö to be overshadowed or upstaged by the other certified hit songs of Gary Valenciano, hence they are somewhat overlooked by some fans, even neglected.

This time, these songs take the spotlight in ôReplayö and it is very surprising and refreshing to know that these songs are as relevant today as when they were recorded several years ago.

For example, in his recent sold-out concert series ôGary V: Soul In Motion,ö which happened at the Music Museum, Gary V wowed the crowd in a segment which showcased some the tracks found in ôReplay.ö Gary performed ôOhhhö and the CDÆs carrier single ôDid It Ever.ö Music lovers and most interestingly, loyal Gary V fans were surprised to learn that ôDid It Everö was included in the album ôRelevanceö which bore such hits as ôWait Foreverö and ôShake It Off.ö ôDid It Everö sounds fresh, innovative, and clearly very much ahead of its time since it resonates the distinct sound and artistry of current pop/alternative songsùhip, edgy, melodic, and very strong in terms of recall. In ôOhhhö a song which was included in the album ôRebirth,ö which produced such hits as ôWhen I Hear You Call,ö GaryÆs strong spirituality is very apparent as he raps and belts out his strong and inspiring Christian convictions.

Some of the 17 digitally re-mastered tracks included in ôReplayö are ôOne Hello,ö ôKung TayoÆy Magkakalayo,ö ôAnd I Love You So,ö ôHome,ö ôTell Me,ö ôKailan Pa,ö ôAlam Ko Na,ö and ôMore and Moreö among many other romantic and unforgettable songs.

ôReplayö is released by Universal Records and itÆs available in all record bars nationwide. Paul Soriano directed the music video of ôDid It Everö.

á The "Replay" CD comes with a 2011 Gary Valenciano Desktop Calendar!