There's no stopping the Acoustic Asian Sensation - Sabrina and I Love Acoustic 3!

It has only been barely 2 years since the release of her first I Love Acoustic Album under MCA Music, and yet, this young blood has already achieved undeniable success by leaps and bounds! From a simple girl who just wanted to express her passion for music early on, Sabrina has become the original songstress to revive the acoustic scene not only in the country, but also internationally!

After having her albums released in the Philippines as well as in international territories such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong, the I Love Acoustic Series has become a ôbrandö that has captured peopleÆs hearts, making it earn the DOUBLE PLATINUM status! Sabrina has also managed to redeem her title for PMPCÆS STAR AWARDS FOR MUSICÆS ACOUSTIC ARTIST OF THE YEAR for 2 consecutive years - 2009 and 2010!

ôI Love Acousticö has also been topping the retail, TV and radio charts, and the yearning to bring Sabrina for an Asian tour cannot go unnoticed. Due to these developments, Sabrina will be going on a SINGAPORE TOUR this October! She will be doing a round of radio tours, TV and print interviews, meet and greet and a grand showcase for the Singaporean audience as well as the Filipino community to promote her album I LOVE ACOUSTIC. This just serves as the onset for greater plans and international tours for the Asian Sensation Sabrina and I Love Acoustic!

With so much under her belt, thereÆs not stopping Sabrina from re-inventing herself and doing more. After the unyielding success of her double platinum selling acoustic series, the Asian Acoustic Sensation SABRINA is here with a brand new offering!

The best hits of the year have been put together and have been acoustic-fied to the core with SabrinaÆs newest release û I LOVE ACOUSTIC 3! Hear your favorite tracks in a new light; serving as a sweet salve to your dreary moods with gentle melodies from Sabrina.

With her carrier single Justin Bieber well-loved hit ôBaby,ö the album also features other chart topping hits infused with an acoustic flavor such as Lady GagaÆs ôTelephone,ö Eminem feat. RihannaÆs ôLove the Way You Lie,ö UsherÆs ôOMGö and more! Watch out for the video of her carrier single ôBaby,ö with a unique and interesting storyline, coming out soon!

Sabrina's "I Love Acoustic" Tracklist

1) Baby
2) Telephone
3) Love the Way You Lie
4) California Girls
5) Never Say Never
6) Pyramid
7) OMG
8) Need You Now
9) What Do You Want From Me
10) Solo
11) Hey Soul Sister
12) Tik Toc
13) Whatcha Say
14) Billionaire
15) Gotten
16) Airplanes

Experience acoustic and rekindle your love for sweet, soothing sounds with SabrinaÆs I Love Acoustic 3 released exclusively under MCA Music.

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