Mark Bautista's ôNangmamahalö

To elevate your musicality and artistry to greater heights, ômaintain your passion for your craftö. ThatÆs one thing Mark Bautista has learned in his more than seven years in show business. Indeed, he has come a long way from the memorable Star For A Night championship that sealed his fate as one of todayÆs most talented singers. And the most recent evidence of MarkÆs undying passion is his new album, Nagmamahal.

ReMARKable Album

Completed within three months, Nagmamahal is a 13-track OPM pop album with the carrier single ôKahit May Mahal Ka Ng Ibaö. Composed by one of the countryÆs most prolific composers, Vehnee Saturno, it has the promise of becoming a hit especially to all romantics. ôBuong Pusoö and ôMayroon Bang Muliö are two more songs with SaturnoÆs mark of excellence. Other titles included are ôBuksan Moö by Chuckie Dreyfuss, ôNang Minsan Langö by Willie Cruz, a remake of Gino PadillaÆs ôGusto Kitaö and ôPaano Ba ang Mangarapö, a Basil Valdez original. About his version of the latter, Mark describes the arrangement as ôgrandiosoö, the kind that you would associate with a theme of an opera. He also refers to it as his favorite because ôthe message is very hopefulö, he says.

ôKahit May Mahal Ka Ng Ibaö also has a music video version out on music channels which was directed by Treb Monteras. In the music video, Mark Bautista is joined by Sam Pinto, currently one of showbizdom's prettiest and freshest faces.

What makes MarkÆs fifth album with Viva Records more special is the inclusion of his two compositions. One is ôOK Langö, which he describes as a story about a guyÆs fondness for a girl until he finally meets her and learns that she is already involved with someone. The melody is upbeat and the lyrics were created on his laptop during one of his most inspired days. Another composition, ôBakitö, also has an upbeat tune, but listening carefully to the words, one will not miss the sorrow in the message. Mark says that itÆs about hopelessly holding on to someone who has already fallen out of love. Another noteworthy fact about this album is that Mark himself came up with the title. That in itself speaks volumes about how much heart he has put in Nagmamahal.

MARKetable Artist

If Mark the recording artist can hold his listeners, he can surely wow them as a live performer. Just like in the making of his album, Mark says that he is now more hands-on in his stage performances. He also minds the spiels and imparts ideas that will make the show more entertaining. He is happy that his regular Sunday show ôParty Pilipinasö allows him to showcase his dancing talent as well.

MarkÆs popularity transcends the boundaries of the music industry. He has long invaded the movies, and though he admits that he still has a lot to learn in acting, he hopes that one day he will be considered a worthy actoràand maybe star opposite his dream leading ladies Angel Locsin and Iza Calzado. His enthusiasm and hard work for achieving his goal are supported by Viva ArtistsÆ Agency and GMA Network. In Aga Muhlach and Regine VelasquezÆs most anticipated reunion movie ôOf All the Thingsö, Mark will be playing the role of AgaÆs cousin. His home network GMA also gives him the role of Dennis TrilloÆs best friend in the upcoming TV series ôDwarfinaö, which stars Heart Evangelista in the title role. Aside from scoring acting roles, he is also very visible as a product endorser.

For all the trust and opportunities given to him by his bosses, Mark is ever thankful. He makes special mention of his younger brother Nigel (who they fondly call ôTurboö), who keeps him company everyday and speaks his mind about everything û from the clothes he wears to the songs he writes and the way he performs û all for MarkÆs own good. He also thanks the press for giving praise when it is due and for the criticisms which he takes as constructive to help him grow as an artist. With gratitude and positive outlook, itÆs no wonder why Mark Bautista continues to leave a mark in the business he is so passionate about. ôNagmamahal, Mark Bautistaö the album is supported by Belo Essentials.