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The most popular OPM song today û ôHey Daydreamerö by Somedaydream, the PhilippinesÆ own Owl City I know that the title is way too long, but itÆs just really so hard to shorten my descriptions for this remarkable guy, Rez Toledo, whoÆs been making me and thousand others proud to be Filipinos once again. Recently, you may have heard on the radio this very catchy new synthpop-like song that goes, ôHey, daydreamer. You gotta be prepared to leave her in your fantasyàö

When I first heard it on Magic 89.9, I liked it a lot right away. And I wanted to listen to it over and over again. I didnÆt know yet what the title was and who the actual singer was, but I just guessed that it was probably a random established foreign artist. Another guess I had was that the song was probably by the popular singer Owl City / Adam Young (American synthpop music), with that boyish and refreshing voice.

Then just last week, Magic 89.9æs DJ Andi-9 and DJ Jessica announced that they will be interviewing Somedaydream, the singer of that popular song ôHey Daydreamer.ö Since I was picturing Somedaydream to be a foreigner, I thought that the DJs were just going to call the singer over the phone and have the conversation aired on the radio.

But I was wrong! For that interview, Somedaydream arrived at the radio station and sang his song LIVE! Only then that it was revealed that Somedaydream is a 20-year-old Filipino budding artist. His real name is Rez Toledo and heÆs a college sophomore from the Ateneo de Manila University.

When I found out about it, my mantra went, ôIÆve gotta meet this guy! IÆve gotta meet this guy!ö

Luckily, Rez was a guest at Magic 89.9 again. The show Big Meal with DJÆs CJ and Suzy invited him over yesterday (Feb 10, 2011). I asked my friend CJ what time Rez would be coming over and it was very nice of him to reply right away. And soàI was there at the stationàand I got to meet him and his manager Champ Lui Pio (from Hale).

They were both friendly and easy to talk to ^_^ I hope to meet them again next time.

In CJÆs interview with him, Rez shared that his song is already 2 years old. That would mean he wrote and produced it when he was only 18. And when Champ discovered and managed him, the song became more exposed. More and more radio listeners are becoming hooked into it. Currently, his song amazingly ranks as follows:

ò Always on the Top 5 @ 5 of Magic 89.9

ò Top 4 of the Magic 30 (Magic 89.9)

û And would you believe that modest Rez wasnÆt even aware of this! So CJ went, ôItÆs top 4 on the Magic 30. ItÆs that popular!ö

ò Top 2 on the Daily Survey (Monster Radio RX 93.1)

Like many others, I like the song very much because itÆs got a very refreshing sound. We have had a lot of great OPM bands, but Somedaydream is probably the first to try this different kind of music; Rez is the first in this genre, according to Champ.

Rez doesnÆt have an album yet; heÆs still working on it and itÆs coming out after a few months from now. Currently though, he has several songs online available for FREE downloads. Check it out at this link. The popular song ôHey Daydreamerö is not there on the list though.

Someone has recorded ôHey Daydreamerö and uploaded it on YouTube. However, the real radio version is way better than this one. So, do catch it on local radio stations and vote for it while Rez doesnÆt have an album yet. Seriously, you should listen to it on-air while youÆre driving. ThatÆs my current favorite part of the day when IÆm on the road ^_^

Thanks for the chance to meet you, Rez and Champ. WeÆll be looking forward to more of your surprises ^_^

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by: Czari